Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap]

Circumstances surrounding the Middle East peace

Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap] In between Israel and Palestine, (the same) through the year of the Oslo agreement, but the peace process by the full-fledged negotiations have been started, 00 the next intifada that began in the (same) years later (popular uprising) is both of violence developed in reply, negotiations were interrupted. To 0 (same) year, Israel Palestine both, but accepted the road map] that show the way of the peaceful coexistence of the two-state until the peace initiative realized that a pillar, its implementation is not progressing. In Palestine, 0 (same) years, advocating a pair Israel armed struggle continues without approval of the Israeli, Palestinian Cabinet of the Islamic fundamentalist organization Hamas-led has been established. After that, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO: Palestine Liberation Organization) is the conflict between Fatah and Hamas in the mainstream intensified, 0 (same) years, Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip.