Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap]

Sinai Peninsula

Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap] background After the first next Middle East war of the year, month and year, Egypt and Israel, by the mediation of the United States, signed in the framework of peace in the Middle East seen the agreement in Camp David] and [framework for Egypt Israel peace treaty] , to date, it has been concluded [the Treaty of peace between the Arab Republic of Egypt and Israel]. In response to this, the relationship between the countries, for the dispatch of United Nations troops monitoring team based on the same peace treaty, but we outreach to mount the United Nations Security Council of the agreement, based on the notice of the agreement is not established from the date of the Security Council chairman, same date, Egypt and Israel is a dispute the parties, by the mediation of the United States, multinational troops monitoring mission (MFO) as the basis of the establishment signed the [Protocol], United Nations troops observers stipulated in the peace treaty MFO was established as an organization to replace the duties and responsibilities.