Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap]

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Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap] A new economic zone creation in Jordan and both countries Vice Chairman of greeting. 0 people A mayor began citizens attended the lecture Memorial lecture of the Ambassador of Jordan Ambassador month, was opened. Ambassador before you to return home in a month after the term of office of the year, Jordan's position and measures against the Palestinian problem (Middle East issue), told such as concrete prospects for conflict resolution. Lecture to Ambassador (at the hotel) Prior to the lecture, the Institute Chairman greeting. A city signed a friendship city relationship in Jerusalem City and 000 years, to 0 years, ask them to exchange leads to Israel and the Palestinian conflict orphans in Japan [Middle East peace project] is introduced, such as that which began in Ayabe . [Realization of Middle East peace is difficult in Japan is only mediate between Israel and Palestine. Jordan and Japan together, route and important] be made to the peace, and stressed that the large role played by neighboring Jordan.