Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap]

Putin to peace in the Middle East - Sakai Tanaka

Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap] Syria withdrawal of US forces by Trump US President, has caused a large-scale transfer of the Middle East hegemony to Russia from the United States. This in itself wrote in the previous article. After that I have surprised, that the speed of hegemony transfer is surprisingly fast yet extensive, but it is surprisingly many places to point out this hegemony transfer in the Anglo-American mass media. The hegemony transfer is surprisingly fast, may be associated with the movement of the playing cards impeachment in perhaps the US Congress. (A New Middle East Thanks To Putin) (Is Putin the New King of the Middle East?) I myself, the thinness of the suspicion (month and day to complete that multiplied illegally pressure on the President of Ukraine Nureginu only) to the reason, but I think Trump impeachment fails certainty, Steve Bannon of the original Trump entourage contrast It has predicted that [Trump is impeached within the week] in manner.