Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap]

Middle East Peace Initiative

Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap] 0 date, the Roman Pontifical Academy of Sciences has invited the international experts of the people, opened the workshop of up to 0 hours. Had been invited, the Egyptian diplomat who won the Nobel Peace Prize, the US and France of economists, Russian and Spanish diplomat, in addition to the Lebanese political scientist, also included Thomas Walsh, president of UPF International Headquarters. In the Walsh Chairman workshop, [inter-religious and between nations relationship: peace religion's role in building] entitled, for the ideals and achievements of UPF ultra-religious activities including the Middle East peace initiative, which has continued for many years , it was carried out for about 0 minutes of presentation. Also in the 0 people more than the parties is authorized to attend as observers, also included Miguel Bernese UPF Argentina Secretary-General, which has been promoting the ultra-religious activities in Pope Francis of the native country Argentina.